YASquad 2016 Event

Yesterday I was lucky enough to attend the YASquad2016 Event here in Melbourne. Hosed by PenguinTeen Australia, it was an event introducing the audience to a bunch of new (and existing) Penguin authors and their books. Going to any Penguin Teen event guarantees that you’re going to have an amazing time, laugh a lot and meet some amazing authors and book lovers. This event was no exception.
I am constantly thanking Penguin Teen for putting on these events, whether its PTALive or PTAChats on Twitter, Penguin Teen Australia gets their audience and caters all their events and interactions for them.

The wonderful authors chatting to us about their books were:

  • Will Kostakis – The Sidekicks
  • Shivaun Plozza – Frankie
  • Megan Jacobson – Yellow
  • Kylie Fornasier – The Things I Didn’t Say

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Feminism in YA

Yesterday I attended the Feminist YA talk at Readings Hawthorn store here in Melbourne. The speakers Lili Wilkinson and Rebecca Lim were so passionate and engaging to listen to. Each author offered some unique perspectives into the complex issue of feminism in children’s literature and young adult and made me so glad I’d attended the panel.

Hosted by Kelly Gardiner, the panel started by talking a little about what they see as feminism in YA lit, what elements make up the successful stories and what tropes cause other stories to fail. The panel broke down some common female stereotypes like the ‘strong female character’, the ‘manic pixie dream girl’ and the very common ‘female sidekick’. Talking about these tropes brought about conversations of these labels in other media, especially in film, like the Smurfette Principle or ‘Fridging Women’ to bring about a male character’s journey.



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