Christmas Gift Guide: The Classics

It’s coming up to that time of year again, Christmas is nearly upon us and I bet you have a huge list of people to buy presents for and I for one want to be the first to put my hand up and say you should buy them books. And not just any books, but some classics.

Now I know for some people hearing the world classics immediately gives them flashbacks to scary English teachers waving Shakespeare’s plays or Dicken’s novels in their face. But reading the classics doesn’t have to be like an English Literature class.

Books become classic for a reason and no, it’s not just to force hordes of unwilling students to study iambic pentameter and contemplate throwing themselves off Juliet’s balcony instead of listening to her babble on about roses.

A classic is a book that stands the test of time, it’s a book that manages to resonate with audiences from all different ages and backgrounds. It is a book that sheds light on society and life during the time it was published but somehow never manages to feel too separated from the time we live in now. And that is what makes classics so great.

If you’re still not convinced about buying the classics as gifts, think about it like this:

  • It’s nearly a guarantee that the person you’re buying for hasn’t read that book because they probably wouldn’t pick it up for themselves
  • The story might be written in a language that’s a bit foreign now but at it’s core a classic book has a complex and interesting story with themes anyone can relate too.
  • They are often affordably priced.
    • Books can get expensive around Christmas, especially when you have a lot of people to buy for and classics come with a bit more bang for your buck than a brand new Christmas hardback.

So which classic do you pick?

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From My Library To Yours: Chick Lit

The next book I’d recommend is what you might call “Chick Lit”, it’s not something I read often because its hard to find stories that stand out. But Techbitch is one of them.

Techbitch was a book I’ve had on my TBR pile after hearing a lot of good praise online and when I finally got around to reading it I was surprised by how much I enjoyed it

This story is all about feeling out-dated and old-fashioned in a fast paced technology driven world. Imogen the main character has just returned to her job as magazine editor after sick leave and finds her old assistant has taken over her work and turned it into a scary and foreign place. Struggling to cope, Imogen tries her best to compete and fight for her place in the company against her techbitch.

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From My Library To Yours: Non-fiction

I’m starting a new series on my blog called, From My Library To Yours. It will be a series strictly about book recommendations. Sure you’re probably thinking, ‘aren’t all books reviews recommendations anyway?’ And you would be partially right.

Someone might feel, after reading a book review, like buying or reading that book and that’s great! But I don’t review every book I read, mainly because I like to review books where I can offer something new to the conversation. And a lot of the time, if the book is well known enough I don’t have anything new or interesting to add, I won’t review it. But that doesn’t mean the book isn’t great or isn’t worth reading.

Come in, From My Library To Yours, a series that will introduce you to books from my bookshelf that I love (but haven’t spoken much about) and I think you might too.

The first books I’m recommending are all non-fiction books. Which is might be a bit strange, considering my blog so far is primarily fiction. I do read non-fiction just not as often as my fiction books.

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