From My Library To Yours: Chick Lit

The next book I’d recommend is what you might call “Chick Lit”, it’s not something I read often because its hard to find stories that stand out. But Techbitch is one of them.

Techbitch was a book I’ve had on my TBR pile after hearing a lot of good praise online and when I finally got around to reading it I was surprised by how much I enjoyed it

This story is all about feeling out-dated and old-fashioned in a fast paced technology driven world. Imogen the main character has just returned to her job as magazine editor after sick leave and finds her old assistant has taken over her work and turned it into a scary and foreign place. Struggling to cope, Imogen tries her best to compete and fight for her place in the company against her techbitch.

I love the concept of this book. I empathise completely with Imogen’s struggle, how on earth is anyone expected to keep up with all the changes in technology at the moment? I’m in my twenties and I struggle. Like sometimes I spend half an hour on Google learning how to use a lists on Twitter or Facebook. Often I’m behind the trends and haven’t heard of the latest “life-changing app”. It happens to everyone and that’s no reason someone should be looked down on.

28384848But that’s exactly what happens to Imogen; Eve has taken over her magazine and is transforming it into an app and trying to lose Imogen in the process. Speaking in tech terms, using devices and websites Imogen’s never heard of and being a downright bitch, Eve makes Imogen’s life hell. And to top if off, Imogen has just beaten Cancer. Eve is a modern day techbitch. And I loved every second of it.

A fantastic read that balances the hard hitting content like battling cancer and feeling out-dated in your workplace with humour and lightness. It couples that with having to share a hotel room (and bed) with your nemesis and hilarious online forums designed to let people vent about their own techbitches. It’s something that anyone can read and relate to, whether they are 18 or 48. I also really enjoyed that it wasn’t just a retelling or retake on The Devil Wears Prada, although it appeals to a similar demographic.

My favourite storyline (besides backstabbing Eve) was following Imogen’s daughter as she’s gets anonymously cyber bullied about her YouTube videos. I really appreciated that this was included because it happens all the time now to young people and its something that more people should be aware of. I loved how the authors worked that plot line in and how Imogen dealt with the matter. I could feel the characters indecision and how helpless she felt but she kept trying to help.

Adult fiction, especially chick lit, is not my usual reading area but its an area of reading I’m trying to read more of. The only thing stopping me is the constant stream of fantastic YA novels that keep coming out.

I enjoyed this book, it was a quick read with lots of funny moments. I’d recommend it to anyone. If I can find more stories like this, then YA might need to watch out.

For people who like:

Stories about sassy, trash talking empowered women

Well written Contemporary adult books

Fashion, publishing, beauty.

Avoid if you don’t like:

Chick Lit (although I’d call this way more than that)

Stories without a major romantic plot line

Tell me what books you’d love for me to recommend next.

Fantasy? Sci-fi? Historical fiction? Let me know!


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