YASquad 2016 Event

Yesterday I was lucky enough to attend the YASquad2016 Event here in Melbourne. Hosed by PenguinTeen Australia, it was an event introducing the audience to a bunch of new (and existing) Penguin authors and their books. Going to any Penguin Teen event guarantees that you’re going to have an amazing time, laugh a lot and meet some amazing authors and book lovers. This event was no exception.
I am constantly thanking Penguin Teen for putting on these events, whether its PTALive or PTAChats on Twitter, Penguin Teen Australia gets their audience and caters all their events and interactions for them.

The wonderful authors chatting to us about their books were:

  • Will Kostakis – The Sidekicks
  • Shivaun Plozza – Frankie
  • Megan Jacobson – Yellow
  • Kylie Fornasier – The Things I Didn’t Say

In case you missed out on attending one of the YASquad2016 event, here’s a little run down of what went on (or at least what went on in Melbourne).  It was a couple of hours filled with talk of the authors favourite YA adaptations, all about their new books, how they went about getting published, what their thoughts are about the online book community and how they overcome problems or hesitation in their own writing as well as so much more. There was also a quiz game involving the audience and the authors (which got super competitive super fast and had the entire audience screaming out the answers). It was a fantastic afternoon.

Something that was even more exciting was the opportunity to pick up all the authors books (including a couple that haven’t even been released yet! OMG!). I was only able to pick up one book unfortunately, because things like rent and electricity bills exist.

So I bought Frankie by Shivaun Plozza. While all the books sounded appealing and completely engaging, Frankie just seemed to call to me, when Shivaun was talking about her book I was so captivated and wanted to know more. Especially when she was talking about how important her character’s voice is to her. To me voice is easily the thing I love most about my favourite characters. So buying Frankie was a no-brainer, and it did not disappoint. I stayed up all last night reading it (because it is that good) and I’ll have a full review in a couple of days (because I’ll for sure be re-reading it before then).

And because I bought a book at the event I received the Penguin 2016 Super-proof book as well. Uh can you say awesome? It contains a list of tons of other books to come from Penguin, including their covers, release dates and little preview sections as well. Yep, bet you’re thinking how cool that is and you’d be a 100% right. I can’t wait to dive into it.

I can happily say that after this event my Goodreads TBR list is now full of these books and they’ll be making appearances on birthday and christmas lists (if I can wait that long to read them).


Photo of the amazing authors at the end of the Melbourne event. If you look close enough you can even see me in the audience. Credit to PenguinTeenAus for the photo.

Thanks again Penguin Teen Australia for constantly being awesome and promoting Fangirls all over the internet. And an even bigger thanks to Felicity from Penguin Teen Australia. She hosts all these events and is the amazing person behind their twitter account. She brings such energy to all these events and I know how much work must go into them, so thank you so much. You deserve the ultimate showering of gifts.

If you’re wondering how do people find out about these events, definetly add LoveOzYA.com to your bookmarks because its a fantastic place to find out about upcoming events all over Australia. And you can even add your own events to the website, how cool is that?


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