Mini Review: The Edge of Everything

Zoe, still reeling from her father’s sudden death in a caving accident is attacked when she tries to get her brother inside during a blizzard —only to be rescued by a bounty hunter they call X. X is no ordinary hunter. He is from the Lowlands, sent to claim the soul of Zoe’s evil attacker and others like him. X casts aside the Lowlands’ rules when he falls for Zoe and risk bringing a fate worse than death upon them both. 

For the perfect love, what would you be willing to lose?

I heard about this book at the YA Showcase, held by the Centre for Youth Literature back in December. The event was all about showcasing the upcoming YA books for 2017. When Bloomsbury hit the stage and spoke about the Edge of Everything I was hooked.

Forbidden romance. Check.

Fantasy/Supernatural themes. Check.

An epic journey about two worlds colliding. Hell yeah!

So I was sitting there thinking, “Just take my money already!”

That was how I felt about this book, and I hadn’t even read the blurb yet. I was already all over it. But it did make me a bit nervous that this book might not live up to my expectations…

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Review: Tell The Truth, Shame The Devil

Chief Inspector Bish Ortley of the London Met, divorced, grieving his son, has been drowning his anger in Scotch. Across the channel, a bus tour, carrying a group of English teenagers is bombed, killing four of the passengers and injuring a handful of others. Bish’s daughter is one of those on board.

Also on the bus is Violette LeBrac. Violette has a troubled background, thirteen years ago her grandfather bombed a London supermarket, killing dozens of people. Her mother, Noor, is serving a life sentence in connection with the incident. But before Violette’s part in the French tragedy can be established, she disappears.

Bish, who was involved in Noor LeBrac’s arrest, is now compelled to question everything that happened back then and he realises that truth wears many colours.

Let’s be honest guys when I hear that Melina Marchetta has a new novel out I’m going to read it regardless of what genre it is. Tell The Truth, Shame The Devil is no exception. I don’t normally read thrillers, or mysteries or crime fiction. I love those types of stories at TV shows or films, but I’ve never really read any as books, especially not adult books so before I even started I knew this was going to be a stretch for me.

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Bookish Pet Peeves

We all have them; the little things in our lives that annoy us to the point of problem. If you’re lucky you can find ways to get over those pet peeves, but if you’re like me, you probably struggle.

I struggle especially when I’m reading. There are too many amazing books waiting for me to read them that I can justify spending time reading books with terrible clichés and annoying traits.

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Review: Three Dark Crowns

Every generation on the island of Fennbirn, a set of triplets is born: three queens, all equal heirs to the crown and each possessor of a coveted magic. 

But becoming the Queen Crowned isn’t solely a matter of royal birth. Each sister has to fight for it. And it’s not just a game of win or lose…it’s life or death. The night the sisters turn sixteen, the battle begins. The last queen standing gets the crown.

One thing is certain: the last queen standing might not be the strongest…but she may be the darkest.

Three Dark Crowns had so much potential for me. I’ve heard some really positive buzz about it online, so I was really pumped to read it. Unfortunately, I did not enjoy it as much as I wanted. While I have a lot of negative things to say about this book, there were some positives and great starting points, they were just never fully developed.

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Review: The Call

The Call follows Nessa as she prepares for the day when 3 minutes in the Grey Land determine the rest of her life. Crippled from birth, Nessa must fight for everything she has in a world that forgives nothing. 

She knows that one day she will be ripped for her reality, forced to fight for her life against the faeries trying to kill her, or worst send her back to the human world twisted and transformed into a monster doomed to be killed by the world she’s fighting so hard to stay in.

This book is set in an alternative modern day Ireland where after humans banished the Faeries to the Grey Land they retaliated by stealing human children and killing them, or ‘playing’ with them in the Grey Land and returning their mangled bodies. Children are sent to training schools to prepare for the moment they are ‘called’. But only 1 in 10 children survive and for our main character Nessa, with her twisted-polio legs, her odds are even slimmer.   Continue reading

Christmas Gift Guide: The Classics

It’s coming up to that time of year again, Christmas is nearly upon us and I bet you have a huge list of people to buy presents for and I for one want to be the first to put my hand up and say you should buy them books. And not just any books, but some classics.

Now I know for some people hearing the world classics immediately gives them flashbacks to scary English teachers waving Shakespeare’s plays or Dicken’s novels in their face. But reading the classics doesn’t have to be like an English Literature class.

Books become classic for a reason and no, it’s not just to force hordes of unwilling students to study iambic pentameter and contemplate throwing themselves off Juliet’s balcony instead of listening to her babble on about roses.

A classic is a book that stands the test of time, it’s a book that manages to resonate with audiences from all different ages and backgrounds. It is a book that sheds light on society and life during the time it was published but somehow never manages to feel too separated from the time we live in now. And that is what makes classics so great.

If you’re still not convinced about buying the classics as gifts, think about it like this:

  • It’s nearly a guarantee that the person you’re buying for hasn’t read that book because they probably wouldn’t pick it up for themselves
  • The story might be written in a language that’s a bit foreign now but at it’s core a classic book has a complex and interesting story with themes anyone can relate too.
  • They are often affordably priced.
    • Books can get expensive around Christmas, especially when you have a lot of people to buy for and classics come with a bit more bang for your buck than a brand new Christmas hardback.

So which classic do you pick?

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Review: Elegy

In a small Australian town, the most epic love story in history is unfolding . . . again.

Everybody knows everyone in Kincasey, and nothing ever happens. That’s until  Jenny meets the mysterious Michael Webster. Long-held resentments simmer to the surface, loyalties are tested, and Jenny finds herself the centre of attention. Her situation isn’t helped by a deepening friendship with Michael’s stepbrother, Gabe, or her jealousy of Gabe’s beautiful but aloof sister, Caitlin.

Caitlin is the only one who knows the terrible truth: this isn’t the first life she and Michael have lived. They have a destiny to fulfil – and it’s time for Michael’s powers to awaken. But what use is power if it can’t give you what you most desire?

I’ve read a few different versions of the story already and seen movies versions too. Reincarnated lovers forced to spend eternity trying to find each other, until death inevitably separates them and then they do it all over again, and frankly that story can get a bit old.

But I did appreciate the points of difference this novel had, very rarely do you read a version of this story where one character is already falling for someone, who isn’t the lover they are destined to be with. Continue reading

Review: And I Darken

No one expects a princess to be brutal. And Lada Dragwyla likes it that way.

Ever since she and her brother were abandoned by their father to be raised in the Ottoman sultan’s courts, Lada has known that ruthlessness is the key to survival. For the lineage that makes her and her brother special also makes them targets.

The first of an epic new trilogy starring the ultimate anti-princess who does not have a gentle heart. Lada knows how to wield a sword, and she’ll stop at nothing to keep herself and her brother alive.

I heard about this book from a book club meeting I attended in Adelaide (BTW if you live in Adelaide and don’t attend the YA Circle Book Club meetings, what are you doing with your life?) and bought this book solely on the recommendations from the girls, Sian and Tori.  Considering that I hadn’t really read or heard anything about the plot of this book, it was pure luck that this purchase turned out to be a good one.

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25 Bookish Facts About Me

Let’s get to know each other better, here are a few bookish facts about me. Please tell me some bookish facts about you! Anything we have in common?

  1. I read pretty fast. It usually takes me about 2 hours to finish a book, if it’s shorter, an hour and a half at most.
  2. I don’t have set reading times. I read when I feel like it.
  3. When I was younger I used to visit my local library at least twice a week.
  4. I got my love of reading from my Mother and Nanna, two people who encouraged me to read and took me on frequent trips to our local library.
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Review: The Every Series

Rachel Watts has just moved to Melbourne from the country, but the city is the last place she wants to be. James Mycroft is her neighbour, an intriguingly troubled seventeen-year-old who’s also a genius with a passion for forensics.

Despite her misgivings, Rachel finds herself unable to resist Mycroft when he wants her help investigating a murder. When Rachel and Mycroft follows the murderer’s trail, they find themselves in the lion’s den – literally. A trip to the zoo will never have quite the same meaning again…

The Every Series is so well known in Australian YA that it’s amazing I hadn’t read it until now. Trust me I felt the pressure and how not reading these books left me out of the conversation. Well all that’s changed now!

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